Shopping for New Furniture

Last week my sister and I went shopping to buy some new furniture for our respective houses. I needed quite a few items because I recently moved, but did not have anything in particular in mind. My sister is a lot more organised and she knew exactly what she was looking for – basically she wanted great value classic antique repro furniture, or in other words some reproduction items for my living room and bedroom, that look great but do not cost a fortune. She has recently decided to turn a living space into something shabby chic – and I must say so far it’s looking god, as she got some great ideas from this home furnishing website.


She complained that their local shops while too far for her to drive and would I go with her. Of course I said yes, but then suggested we first looked online as a friend of mine has recently purchased a bed online and got herself a bargain.

Not being quite as fussy as her, I found some nice designs and made my purchase is a lot faster than she did. I ended up buying a very nice glass-topped dining table with six chairs. I was not 100% sure about the chairs because they are velvet, and I am a bit worried my cats will like them a little too much. However, I can always cover them when there are no guests round. I also looked at some conservatory furniture, this is the first home I have lived in that has a conservatory, but that will have to go on a backburner for a while until my finances pickup.

After an awful lot of walking around and window shopping, eventually, my sister also got lucky. She found a lovely bureau desk which we were very hard-pressed to believe wasn’t the real thing. She has also signed up for a furniture workshop in the same store where she will learn the basics of restoring antiques. This sounds like a great hobby for her, and maybe something she can even make money if she gets good at it. Who knows, I might even join her.

So the next time we go shopping she might actually be looking for the real thing!